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It’s that time of year when thunderstorms and hurricanes become increasingly common. In fact, meteorologists are predicting an active hurricane season for NC this year. With all of this unpredictable weather, you might experience power outages. So, how do these outages affect your stairlift?

Fortunately, many stairlifts come with batteries. So, they are able to continue to run, even with a power outage. With that said, it’s important to make sure that you keep your battery charged and running. The last thing you want to realize during a power outage is that your stairlift’s battery isn’t working. 

If your stairlift runs on electricity, then it won’t work during a power outage, unless you have a generator. If you’re unable to use your stairlift, try to avoid using the stairs as much as possible in order to avoid having an accident. If you have prior warning that a storm is coming, gather materials and supplies that you will need and place them downstairs in order to limit your trips upstairs as much as possible.

Whether you have a DC battery stairlift or an AC electricity stairlift, it’s important to practice safety and caution when the power goes out!

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