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With winter just around the corner, that means that we’re likely to see some snow and ice in the next few months. If you have to get out in that cold winter weather, be sure to be extra careful, because snow and ice pose potential fall hazards for everyone.

When there’s snow and ice on the ground, it’s safest to stay inside. However, sometimes you do have to get out in that weather for a number of reasons. So, if that’s the case, take a few precautionary steps around your home to make it more safe for you to leave.

Before snow or ice hits, apply salt or sand to your stairs, sidewalk, and any other outdoor walkways. Have someone shovel all of the ice and snow from these areas before you leave your home. 

There are also a number of products you can purchase to help get rid of snow in your outdoor spaces. For example, a number of manufacturers sell heated mats that you can place on your steps or sidewalks to melt all of the snow before you head out.

If slippery stairs are especially a concern for you, we can help you get around more safely with our outdoor stair lifts.  For all of your stairlift needs, give us a call at NC Stairway Solutions of Greenville, NC. Stay safe out there this winter!