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This time of year in North Carolina, pollen is everywhere. You can’t step outside without it attaching itself to your shoes and clothes, and your house and car look like they’re covered in a thin yellow blanket. Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor stairlift, pollen can settle on it and needs to be cleaned.

If you have an outdoor stairlift, contact with pollen is almost inevitable. Fortunately, cleaning your outdoor stairlift is fairly simple: just run a wet cloth or sponge over your stairlift at least once a week, probably more often during pollen season. 

You can clean your indoor stairlift the same way, but you can also take some steps to minimize the amount of pollen that enters your home. Place doormats at each entryway in your home, and take off your shoes as soon as you come inside. Vacuum and sweep your home every few days, and mop at least once a week to help remove any pollen that finds its way into your home.

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